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Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tender No: KNCCI - Supplier Prequalification 2023-2025_Open to ALL BIDDERS

Supplier Prequalification for Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry - KNCCI

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID KNCCI - Supplier Prequalification 2023-2025_Open to ALL BIDDERS
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date Sept. 5, 2023
Closing Date Sept. 27, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab.

2. Categories

  1. KNCCI/PREQ/001/2023 - Provision of Consultancy Services on advocacy training and Policy issues

  2. KNCCI/PREQ/002/2023 - Provision of Consultancy Services for Legal, Compliance & Governance Audit

  3. KNCCI/PREQ/003/2023 - Provision of Public Relations and communication Consultancy Services.

  4. KNCCI/PREQ/004/2023 - Provision of Board Training and Team building Consultancy Services

  5. KNCCI/PREQ/005/2023 - Provision of Consultancy on Human Resource , Finance matters

  6. KNCCI/PREQ/006/2023 - Provision of consultancy on Corporate Governance

  7. KNCCI/PREQ/007/2023 - Provision of consultancy services on proposal writing and project management

  8. KNCCI/PREQ/008/2023 - Provision of Tax Training Consultancy Services

  9. KNCCI/PREQ/009/2023 - Provision of ICT Systems Audit Consultancy Services

  10. KNCCI/PREQ/010/2023 - Provision of Fixed Assets Valuation Consultancy Services

  11. KNCCI/PREQ/011/2023 - Provision of Organizational Policy review and Development

  12. KNCCI/PREQ/012/2023 - Provision of asset tagging services

  13. KNCCI/PREQ/013/2023 - Provision for Research , monitoring , evaluation and capacity building for SMES consultancy

  14. KNCCI/PREQ/014/2023 - Provision of trade digitization training and life skills training

  15. KNCCI/PREQ/015/2023 - Provision of business mentorship and coaching consultancy

  16. KNCCI/PREQ/017/2023 - Supply and delivery of computer equipment and their accessories [servers, routers, printers and scanners, headsets, mouse, laptop chargers, cables, Etc mobile phones, tablets, and related accessories

  17. KNCCI/PREQ/018/2023 - Supply of office Furniture, Furnishings, Fittings and equipment

  18. KNCCI/PREQ/019/2023 - Supply of Motor vehicles Fuel, Tyres, Batteries and Accessories

  19. KNCCI/PREQ/020/2023 - Supply of Promotional, Communication, and Marketing items and Materials, printing of T-shirts, Calendars, Brochures, Staff uniform and general branding

  20. KNCCI/PREQ/023/2023 - Supply, Installation, Commissioning & servicing of Time attendance, Access Control and CCTV.

  21. KNCCI/PREQ/024/2023 - Services and Maintenance of Computers, Printers and UPS related accessories and networks

  22. KNCCI/PREQ/025/2023 - Provision of Bulk emails and SMS Services

  23. KNCCI/PREQ/026/2023 - Provision of Air Travel Agency Services (IATA Registered)

  24. KNCCI/PREQ/027/2023 - Provision and Supply, installation and maintenance of Computer software , website Upgrade and consultancy , Design and Maintenance . (Domain & Firewall Management)

  25. KNCCI/PREQ/028/2023 - Provision of General Insurance Services (IRA registered underwriters, Brokers & Agencies)

  26. KNCCI/PREQ/029/2023 - Provision of Chattels Insurance cover Services

  27. KNCCI/PREQ/030/2023 - Provision of Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Insurance Services

  28. KNCCI/PREQ/031/2023 - Provision of Network infrastructure, Cloud services and Internet Services and Cloud services

  29. KNCCI/PREQ/032/2023 - Provision of Outside catering services .(catering Food Handlers Certificate from City Council )

  30. KNCCI/PREQ/033/2023 - Provision of Courier & freight services.

  31. KNCCI/PREQ/034/2023 - Provision of Airtime (credit) Services.

  32. KNCCI/PREQ/035/2023 - Provision, installation Services and Maintenance of PABX, and Telecommunications Equipment.

  33. KNCCI/PREQ/036/2023 - Provision of Hotels, Conference and Accommodation Services Internationally and Locally in the 47 counties

  34. KNCCI/PREQ/037/2023 - Provision of Taxi Services (Vans, Mini-Buses and Buses).

  35. KNCCI/PREQ/038/2023 - Provision of creative artwork design and printing Services.

  36. KNCCI/PREQ/039/2023 - Provision of Advertising Agency Services (Concept Design, artwork execution and Media strategy).

  37. KNCCI/PREQ/040/2023 - Provision of Language Translation Services.( Indicate Language expertise

  38. KNCCI/PREQ/041/2023 - Provision of External auditor firm

  39. KNCCI/PREQ/044/2023 - Provision of Beverages, Sugar, fresh milk and related products

  40. KNCCI/PREQ/046/2023 - Provision of leased printers and copiers

  41. KNCCI/PREQ/047/2023 - Provision for videography, photography and documentary services

  42. KNCCI/PREQ/048/2023 - Provision of Event Organization and management, Exhibitions and Experiential/ Road -show services, dome tents, chairs and related services

  43. KNCCI/PREQ/049/2023 - Provision of Security Services day and night office guarding

  44. KNCCI/PREQ/050/2023 - Provision of Legal Services.

  45. KNCCI/PREQ/051/2023 - Repair and maintenance of Electrical and Masonry works

  46. KNCCI/PREQ/052/2023 - Repair, maintenance and servicing of motor vehicles

  47. KNCCI/PREQ/055/2023 - Services and Maintenance of Photocopier, and Telephones

  48. KNCCI/PREQ/056/2023 - Supply and fitting of motor vehicle spare types, tubes, batteries, tyres repairs, wheel alignment

  49. KNCCI/PREQ/057/2023 - Provision of small works office repairs including office portioning, paint works, installation of minor equipment’s