Individual Consultancy on Developing Protocols for Testing of Biopesticides and Bio Control Agents for Plant Protection

African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)

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Closing Date: 2020-8-15 17:00

Published On : 06-Aug-2020 15:47

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Individual Consultancy on Developing Protocols for Testing of Biopesticides and Bio Control Agents for Plant Protection

Organization AATF  

Posted 6 Aug 2020

Closing date 15 Aug 2020

Individual Consultancy on Developing Protocols for Testing of Biopesticides and Bio Control Agents for Plant Protection

1. Background and Context

1.1 About the Task

AATF is seeking the services of an individual consultant to develop Protocols for Testing Biopesticides and Biocontrol Agents in East African Community (EAC) partner states.

1.2 Brief Description of AATF

AATF is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission of making available, to smallholder farmers, agricultural technologies that were previously not accessible to them. Founded on the premise of tackling poverty and food insecurity through technological interventions, AATF empowers farmers to transform their livelihoods by equipping them with better tools and inputs that would, without the organisation’s intervention, take a much longer time to reach them and cost a lot more. These efforts, combined with optimal agricultural practices and product value addition, will contribute to agricultural transformation in Africa leading food security and poverty reduction in sub Saharan Africa.

1.3 Background on the Process of Regional Harmonization of Regulations for the Registration and Testing of Bio-Pesticides and Bio-Control Agents in the EAC region

The East African Community has harmonized guidelines for testing and registration of conventional pesticides. The aim of harmonization is to harness limited resources within the region, improve trade by reducing the time and costs associated with registration of pesticides and ensure farmers access to safe and quality crop protection products. The EAC 11th Sectoral Council of Ministers responsible for Agriculture and Food Security (SCAFs) held in June 2018 adopted three sets of Guidelines on: (1) efficacy trials, (2) residue trials and (3) registration requirements. The 38th Extra-Ordinary Council of Ministers held in January 2019 adopted the guidelines and directed Partner States to domesticate them by 30th May 2020.

In March 2019, the EAC Technical Working Group (TWG) on regional harmonization of pesticides testing and registration prioritized the development of additional harmonized guidelines for biocontrol agents. It was noted that there is interest from Bio-control product companies to pilot their products for control of the Fall Army Worm under the EAC harmonized system. Absence of the guidelines for testing and registration of biopesticides biocontrol agents was identified as a major hindrance. Subsequently, the TWG constituted a small working team to fast track the development of guidelines for registration of biopesticides. Draft guidelines were developed and presented to EAC Partner States and regional stakeholders at a regional validation workshop held in July 2019. The guidelines were validated in July 2019 and finalized at a technical meeting held in September 2019. Subsequently, they were adopted by the 13th Sectoral Council on Agriculture and Food Security held in September 2019 and finally approved by the full Council of Ministers in November 2019.

Approval of the guidelines paved ways for the trials and registration of promising biopesticides which play an important role in the Integrated Pest Management toolbox. The EAC harmonized guidelines on biopesticides and bio control agents for plant protection aim at ensuring harmonized data requirements, evaluations and decision making with regard to registration of biopesticides and biocontrol agents in order to achieve an acceptable level of protection for human and animal health and the environment. Upon adoption and full implementation by the partner states, the guidelines will achieve the following objectives:

i) Provide EAC Partner States with a harmonized framework for registering of biopesticides and biocontrol agents.

ii) Facilitate mutual recognition and sharing of data for registration of biopesticides and biocontrol agents amongst the EAC Partner States.

iii) Facilitate best practice in the registration of biopesticides and biocontrol agents for plant protection.

In order to operationalize and facilitate effective implementation of EAC harmonized guidelines biopesticides and bio control agents for plant protection, development of comprehensive protocols on testing and registration of biopesticides has been identified as a priority. The protocols to be developed will facilitate the conduct of field trials and judicious comparison of test results in EAC Partner States. The protocols will define mechanisms biological evaluation of microorganisms, macro-organisms and biochemical pesticides used in plant protection.

2. Purpose and Objectives of the Consultancy

The main objective of the assignment is to identify and draft Protocols that will be applied in the testing of biopesticides and bio control agents for plant protection under the EAC harmonized guidelines for testing and registration of pest control products. **

Specifically, the consultant will be expected to:

i. Draft comprehensive protocols on testing and registration of biopesticides covering microorganisms, macro-organisms and biochemical pesticides.

ii. Engage/Consult with key stakeholders (EAC Partner States regulatory agencies and the private sector) to seek inputs to inform drafting of the protocols.

iii. Present the draft Protocols at a regional validation meeting to be convened by the EAC Secretariat and the African Agricultural Technology Foundation.

iv. Submit to the EAC Secretariat the revised Protocols incorporating comments from the regional validation meeting.

3. Deliverables

Deliverables should include the following:

a) An inception report including planned timeline, key sources and references of information, planned stakeholders to be consulted.

b) Draft Protocols for testing of biopesticides covering microorganisms, macro-organisms and biochemical pesticides.

c) Revised protocols incorporating comments from regional validation workshop.

4. Indicative Schedule of Activities

The task is expected to be undertaken within four Weeks.

5. Contract and Reporting Details

Type of contract: The consultant will be offered a fixed-price contract to include all the activities and deliverables listed above.

Reporting. The consultant will report to the Senior Manager, Policy and Regulatory Affairs ( ) for all issues related to the program and fieldwork, including in-country logistics.

6. Qualifications, Experience and Skills.

The individual consultant will be expected to have a combination of the following academic and technical capabilities, experience and competencies in order to deliver on the assignment.

a) At least a master’s degree, in Agricultural Sciences, Crop protection, or any other agricultural discipline

b) Proven experience in regulatory affairs pertaining to crop protection including hands on experience in testing and registration of biopesticides.

c) Demonstrated understanding of the pesticide policy and regulatory environment in the EAC region.

d) High degree of independence, flexibility and ability to meet strict deadlines.

e) Knowledge of the EAC region and previous experience of having conducted similar work within the region.

f) Good references for reliability, dedication, and an ability to work unsupervised; and

g) Excellent communication, presentation, writing and reporting skills.

7. Remuneration and other benefits **

A lumpsum consultancy fees shall be paid to suitable candidate for task described. No additional benefits or per diems will be paid to the consultant. The Consultant will also be responsible for his/her own health insurance and accommodation costs.

8. Terms of Payment

The consultants will be in instalment as follows:

· 25% at the start of the assignment

· 40% on submission of draft report and presentation of the same for validation.

· 35% after successful completion of the task and submission of all the necessary final reports and documents.

9. Application Criteria

Interested consultants should submit detailed technical and financial proposals (not more than 8 pages) covering:

i. Short overview of how the candidate meets the qualifications, experience and skills requirements (no more than one page)

ii. Demonstrated understanding of the terms of reference

iii. Description of the proposed approach

iv. A detailed work plan (time and activity schedule)

v. Detailed budget

vi. Profile of the consultant and Curriculum Vitae.

vii. Samples of two most recent related works (and/or references for the same with contact details of the referees.

10. Evaluation and Award of the Consultancy

AATF will evaluate the proposals and award the assignment based on technical and financial feasibility. AATF reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received without giving reasons and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder. Full project details will be given to selected/shortlisted candidates.

How to apply

Deadline for submission of technical and financial proposals: 15th August 2020.

The Expressions of interest must be received by email at the address: no later than 15th August 2020 at 17:00 Hrs., East African Time. Clearly indicate EAC Consultancy on Protocols on the subject line of the email.

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