Should Supplier Registration be Continuous or Periodic?

Continous Reg

A few days ago during a coffee break in an event I introduced a friend of mine to Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) in a Government parastatal and they bonded well.

In their conversation, my buddy asked the CPO “Hey, how can our company become a supplier in your organization?”

The CPO responded with the easy answer; “We register our suppliers every two years, please wait until next registration.”

It was the easy answer because the reality is organizations keep adding suppliers to the master list for one reason or another all the time.

Another reality is supplier registration is a tedious exercise that CPOs want to avoid especially if they do not have technological support.

We advocate for continuous supplier registration as opposed to one off event every 2-3years as many organizations practise. When this is supported with a standard operating procedure (SOP) and eProcurement tools, the exercise becomes a bliss.

Continuous supplier registration creates diversity and inclusion. Diversity in their supply chains can unlock innovation and agility and improve on transparency.

It is time to relook at the procurement policies and review those that are not in line with changing times.



Procurement service providers that need eProcurement, contract management and requisition management solutions as part of their product offering for a defined territory.