Sense of Urgency

Sense of Urgency

Instilling sense of urgency in a workplace increases employee motivation and productivity.

A fast-paced environment keeps workers moving forward and focused solely on customers and high-quality products and service.

Many times procurement teams subject suppliers to this sense of urgency unnecessarily. This can have negative ripple effects on the supply chain leading to unnecessary losses.

A disgruntled furniture supplier narrated to me how his conversation went with a school where he always supplied furniture for classrooms.

“We urgently need a quotation for new furniture for new classrooms, check your email and respond” Head of Procurement said on phone.

Furniture Supplier provided a quotation and called his Timber Supplier and informed him he is going to need tons of dried timber in a short notice. He explains why.

Timber Supplier panics as he doesn’t have enough timber and goes ahead to cut trees for making enough in readiness for the order.

Three months later furniture supplier has not received the purchase order yet.

“The process is still under review.’’ Head of Procurement says.

“The trees should not have died yet” retorts the furniture supplier.


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